How to process power data in sports


This hands on tutorial was part of the International Summer School in Wearable Sensors in Sport, Energetics and power monitoring in sport. I paste here the description of the tutorial from the school website.

In the last few years, the rapid spread of new wearable technologies in the sport and health industries is enabling the collection of an overwhelming amount of data. As we further progress in our data collection we soon realise that we need to make the best out of our sensors and make an efficient usage of the available data. In this module, we will explore different methodologies that aim at improving your ability in 1) correctly interpret the data, 2) discern what is useful from what is useless and 3) make data-driven and objective choices. By using real-world training data files, we will develop interpretative modes (that you can easily deploy on spreadsheets, Matlab or Python scripts) with a hands-on approach. Hopefully, you will soon realise that, with the right tools in your hands, even a single training data file can hide a gold mine of information.