How AI is (not) going to change sport science

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In this blog post with this (for some) controversial title, I diuscss why I don’t believe that we need AI to become better coaches or better sport scientists. Indeed, we need AI to test old ideas, and form new ones, to stimulate debate, and move our optimization forward.

AI, like all technologies, can be used, abused and misused. However, as with each technology or tool, it brings us the chance to test our convictions and change our positions. It aids us to refine the scientific process.

So, back to the question: “Do we need AI to be better coaches or sport scientists?” My answer today would be: “No, I don’t think so”. We didn’t need electric guitars to make better music, and we definitely don’t need AI to become better coaches or sport scientists. BUT, we needed electric guitars to create new sounds, stimulate new ideas, evolve new melodies and make songs for the new generations. AI as applied to coaching and sport science will be similar.